How to Make Him Desire You – My Honest Review

Hi Nikki here,

Thanks for visiting my website. This is my uncensored review of How To Make Him Desire You book by Alex Carter.

Before we get started I want to clarify, I am giving a comprehensive and honest review of Alex Carter’s relationship guide for women. I will be covering all the essential information you need to know before getting a copy of the book yourself.

Keep in mind, this is a review, if you want to visit the How to Make Him Desire You website, click here.

What is How to Make Him Desire You about?

It’s a dating advice book for women, teaching them how to improve their relationship, be a better partner and understand men better in general.


The book provides relationship advice for women for all stages of a relationship.

Whether you are interested in a particular guy and want to get his attention or you already are a couple with that guy but your relationship has issues and you want to fix them, the book can help you.

Who is Alex Carter?

Alex Carter is a relationship expert and dating coach. He has spent years counselling and helping men and women master the art of attraction and get the best out of their relationships.

Now let’s take a look at the contents of the book. For the first half of the book the reader is introduced to several well known male psychology concepts.

This helps the reader understand how men think and act in terms of relationships and points out the most common misconceptions women have about men. Here are some of these concepts:

1. The emotional attraction scale

Portrait of romantic man giving flowers to woman

A scale, which shows a man’s attraction to a particular woman from 1 to 10, 10 being highest, 1 being lowest.

The scale helps a woman understand how much a man is attracted toward her and what needs to be done to increase that attraction, given her starting position.

2. The concept of investing in the relationship.

Another psychological concept, that so many people don’t understand. Basically it’s this: When 2 people are a couple both partners must invest an equal amount of time and effort in the relationship for it to grow.


What often happens is one partner stops investing and the other starts investing even more hoping that he/she can pick up the slack so that the relationship can endure.

However this is a mistake and has exactly the opposite effect. The chapter shows how to prevent this from happening in your relationship or how to fix it, if your relationship already is at that level.

Moreover, Alex also talks about the Value concept. If you want a man to value you and respect you, you must first value and respect yourself. So, what determines your value?

  • How you treat yourself
  • How attainable you are for him
  • How strong your boundaries are

If a woman demonstrates high value a man will respect and value her a lot more.

Click here to visit Alex Carter’s How to Make Him Desire You official website

The 2nd half of the book focuses on the tricks and techniques based on the psychology from the 1st half, which a woman can use to awaken a man’s desire. Here are some:

The emotional tune-up methods

These methods are based on the concept that men are genetically wired to pursue and they get a great deal of pleasure while doing it.

I love you sexy man

So, if you serve yourself on a silver platter to him, you will take the chase away from him.

You will have a short-term relationship with the man and then he will dump you for someone more challenging.

The methods in this section can help a woman keep a man’s desire and interest toward her for a long time, without playing the cliche “hard to get”.

Another interesting technique Alex recommends is the unconditional respect method.

Every man wants to be respected and acknowledged by a woman. If you show him respect unconditionally, he will respond with love in return.

And one very powerful is capture his heart by revealing your imperfections.

When a woman honestly opens up, and shows a little vulnerability at the same time, a man unconsciously feels a sense of comfort and bonding.

This method directly triggers a man’s protective instincts.

A man can’t help but feel drawn to a woman who is capable of revealing a weaker side of herself, without being too scared, of how she might be perceived.

There are several more chapters where Alex shows how men are different than women in handling emotions, thinking and communicating. And this is really useful to know, because many women fail to understand that men perceive love and relationships in a different way.

Here are screenshots of the contents of the book, if you want to see exactly what’s inside:

Desire book proof

Desire book proof 2

What are the bad things about Alex Carter’s How to make him desire you?

Like every book I have reviewed so far, this one has downsides.

–  The examples he gives are too much in depth. He uses a examples a lot in the book, which is good, but they are way too long.

For instance he starts by saying, “I had a client named Amy and she had an argument with her boyfriend” and then he talks about this story for 5 pages just to prove a point, providing so much unnecessary details, while he could have compressed it in only 1 page and still make his point.

–  Most of the methods in the book are unconventional – he uses psychological concepts to back up his claims, but most of the techniques I haven’t seen or heard anywhere before.

And what are the good things about How to make him desire you?


– The book is very easy to read. Apart from the problem with the examples, his style is enjoying and easy to go through.

The book has only has the important information you need and spares you the unnecessary details.

– Alex gives a psychological explanation for his approach. Although very unconventional, Alex shows well known proven psychology concepts behind each one of his methods and techniques.

And he gives proof that they work by sharing his clients’ stories.

– The book can be used by anyone. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how old you are, what relationship you have with the man, the methods and techniques can be used by any woman on any man.

Overall, what do I think?

How to Make Him Desire You by Alex Carter in my eyes is a good quality relationship/dating advice book. As a guy, I can definitely say that course does an excellent job of breaking a lot of myths about how men think and what men really want. The book has great unique content, psychological concepts backing up the methods and real life examples that they actually work.

So, if you are interested to learn some unconventional ways to get a guy more attracted, if you have relationship problems and want to fix them or you simply want to better understand men in general, then this book is for you.

I hope my review has helped you get a better idea about the How to make him desire you ebook.


Click Here to visit the How To Make Him Desire You Website.

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How To Make A Man Desire You

After my review of How to Make Him Desire You, I’ve decided to write several articles with dating tips for women, inspired by Alex Carter.

Here I’ll share two unusual yet easy ways how to make a man desire you.

1st – Touch his emotional side.

If you desire a man to feel a deep, passionate love for you, you need to touch his emotional side.

What touching his emotional side really mean?


It basically means that you have to appeal to his emotions, to his heart, so to speak, rather than the logical side – his mind.

Most women fail to understand this. They dress sexy, cook delicious meals in an attempt to logically convince a guy to like them. However, they don’t know that appealing to logical side only, will not get them far.

Have you ever seen a woman that can easily make any man go absolutely crazy about her and do anything, even the silliest things to have her?

And at the same time have you seen a woman who tries everything, yet she just can’t get the love and attention she desperately desires from her man?

How are these two different?

The lady in the first example knows the critical concept of appealing to his emotions and she is able to touch to his emotional side very effectively and make him literally dance to her tunes, while other women try really hard and still fail most of the times.

The conclusion is that you will never have a successful relationship with a man unless you appeal to his emotions.

2nd – Make him understand that you are a valuable asset.

man woman prelude to love by kilian

Why is gold so valuable? Is it because it’s shiny? Is it because it doesn’t rust?  Gold s valuable because it’s rare and really hard to acquire. So, it’s viewed as something very valuable.

In order to make a man desire you, you need to project yourself as a super valuable asset, exactly like gold.

You must to put yourself in such a position, so that he couldn’t bear the thought of losing you and would fight to be with you for as long as possible.

You see, when he perceives you as a valuable asset, something weird gets triggered inside him. His primal instinct awakens and he feels a strong inner desire to be with you, protect you and never let you go.

Every guy has the primal instinct of a hunter, we all have a hunter instinct installed deep into our subconscious mind and this drive awakens when a woman portrays herself as something valuable, something worth pursuing.

During this process, a man will act on this subconscious instinct and will chase you as hard as he can.

In fact, he will feel absolutely blessed to have you with him and will much appreciate whatever time and attention he gets from you.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You.


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Trigger Pleasure Hormones in His Body

In How to Make Him Desire You, Alex Carter talks about a very unusual way to make a guy interested in you. This is done by triggering pleasure hormones in his body.

If done properly you can make him feel the same way a guy feels when he is gambling at a casino. No matter if he is winning or losing he will continue to play and won’t be able to stop.

Why men do that?


When doing activities such a gambling, a man’s brain experiences a heavy surge of pleasure hormones. They make him feel exited and are so addictive that he forgets all logic and continues doing these activities.

The good news for you ladies is that you can trigger these pleasure hormones and make him feel addictive love towards you.

Whenever he is with you he will experience emotions such as:  affection, excitement, attachment and when he is not with you, he will be craving for your love and attention.

He will be filled with a strong inner desire for you and will feel almost biologically driven love towards you. You will become one of the strongest sources of emotional fulfillment for him.


His desire will be so strong, that no other woman will be able to satisfy the “hunger” that you created in him, only you.

He will subconsciously feel the need to do nice thing for you, give you all the attention you need and make you happy.

You will become the most important woman in his life

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You


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How to Get a Man to Fall in Love with You

Here I’ll share 3 more unconventional techniques from How to Make Him Desire You, that you can use to capture someone’s heart.

Technique 1 – Trigger a feeling of positive discomfort in his mind.

You must be shouting right now – “Wait a minute! How can discomfort be positive and why would I make a guy uncomfortable?”

I am sure you all have heard of an old value concept that humans value things that are hard to obtain more than things that are easy to obtain. Men are no exception to that rule and they will value a woman more if they have to work hard to get her.


Now be warned, I am not suggesting you play hard to get and make him chase you. This theory is a myth and can actually have the opposite effect.

Most women when they play hard to get overdo it.

Men like a challenge, but if she is too hard to get, they will interpret that she is not interested at all and will move on to someone easier.

What I have in mind is a combination of pleasure and discomfort at once. The idea is that you make him feel about 90% pleasure mixed with 10% discomfort.

This combination builds up an feeling of passion within him which is just too hard to control.

This increases his emotional intensity towards you and he senses this raw, hot and passionate love for you which is unique and almost addictive.

In fact, this technique works so well that he will actually enjoy going after you and will get a special kind of feeling towards you.

Technique 2 – Re-frame his point of view…

Have you ever known a guy who went completely crazy over a certain girl even though she wasn’t that pretty or smart? After seeing a case like this do you ask yourself: “What does he like in her?” “She isn’t even that good looking.”

You must understand that from your point of view, she might not be very attractive or special but that certain guy sees her from his own point of view. He sees things in her that you can’t.


The good news is that you can apply the re-framing technique to alter a guy’s view about you and make him find you irresistible and exceptionally special even if you think you aren’t that that smart or good looking.

By making small and simple adjustments in your personality, you can make a man feel that you are one of the most astonishing women he’s ever met.

Furthermore, you can actually make him see you as a special, one of a kind woman he would be grateful to have in his life.

Technique 3 – Appeal to the masculine part of him.

Every guy has a protector instinct deep inside of him, his
duties in the “early man days” were to bring food to the table and protect his family from outside threats.

If you awaken the protector instinct in him, he will feel a subconscious desire to protect you and care for you.


Once the instinct awakens, he will start to do nice things for you and even will feel responsible for your well being. This is probably the biggest little known secret to making a man fall in love with you.

Deep inside of every man lives a hunter. So, at his core man is a provider and will feel a lot of satisfaction when you let him take care of you by appealing to his protector instinct.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You.


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The №1 Killer of Attraction – for Women

In this article I will cover the one thing that a man hates in a woman the most and it’s that one thing that makes us run like hell when we notice it.

Alex Carter covers this in depth in How to Make Him Desire You, so here I’ll just summarize, so that you can get a better idea what it is.

It’s neediness. Neediness is showing too much attention to somebody because you feel you are not worthy of that person and if you don’t keep him/her constantly entertained and giving them full attention they will find someone else, someone better than you.

It’s a vibe that too many guys and girls project when looking for a mate.

By projecting neediness you send a signal to them that you think that you are not worthy of them (otherwise why would you be showing neediness in the 1st place?)


People notice these signals very quickly and that drops their attraction towards you dramatically.

The good news is that there are very effective ways to deal with your neediness and to boost your confidence. And I am going to share some of them right now.

First of all don’t be afraid to initiate a conversation with a man you like. Most women think that if they are the ones who start an interaction, the guy will assume they’re desperate and will reject them. In reality, nothing is further from the truth.

Most guys are pleasantly surprised when a girl walks over and initiates a conversation. If you approach them confidently and not needy, they will invite you to stay. Practice it, start talking to guys you like in everyday situations, who knows you might find your soul mate on the bus, at the news stand or in the queue at the bank.

Be outcome independent

When you go out, don’t go with the mindset that you must attract a guy tonight no matter what. That’s needy thinking 101 right there! Go, with an open mindset, have fun with your friends and don’t think too much about the guys.

If something happens – great, if not, than it was not meant to be ad that’s it. Don’t blame yourself if you couldn’t make a guy you like come to you and hit on you or if you didn’t muster the courage to go to him. Probably he wasn’t right for you anyway.

And if he was, not all is lost, fate will bring you together eventually, you will meet him again, somewhere else, and you will have a second chance. You won’t believe how many times this has happened to me and to other people too.


Value all the aspects of your life equally – you family, friends, job, hobbies etc. Don’t make the goal of getting a man your top priority. Men are attracted to women with a balanced and healthy life, women whose life isn’t a complete mess.

Having an equal weighting on every area of your life makes you a more intriguing and fun person.It will make you feel good about yourself and more comfortable in social situations, which is very attractive to men.

When women are needy, they usually do this: They approach a guy and start a relationship thinking several months or even a year ahead.

Men can easily feel this needy anticipation and it horrifies them. Men don’t want the same thing as women, you have to understand what men really want in an emotional aspect.

Don’t make it look like your happiness is dependent on them. To attract a man you should already be a confident, happy woman and not an emotional wreck who is only happy when a man is around.

Some common things that make women look desperate in the eyes of men:

You may already know some of these, but it never hurts to mention them again, to refresh your memory and because they’re important.

When you’re on a night out don’t laugh too much at every little joke a man makes, don’t dance too provocative and don’t get too drunk.

Don’t make it look like your trying very hard to impress him. When speaking with a guy be calm, relaxed and don’t feel the desire to speak too much.

Some awkward silence is unavoidable and there is nothing wrong with occasional pauses so let the silence be and give the guy time to think.

Also, try not to talk about your past relationships (staying sober can really help here) there is nothing more annoying to a guy than listening to a girl talking about some ex-boyfriends!

No, seriously, we really hate that stuff.

The most effective way to stop projecting neediness is to have a well-balanced, organized life, be confident, happy and fun. Learn to control your life and happiness and in no time you will see how awesome guys will start falling for you.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You


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15 signs he/she is the One

When you’re madly in love with someone, the current strong feelings can blind you from seeing if he or she is the “right one” for you. How would you know if these feelings remain the same in a year, twenty years or even a lifetime?


Deciding whether or not to commit to a long-term relationship is something completely personal and everyone has a different way of approaching this.

The best way to start it by assessing how exactly you feel about him/her and what you already have with that person.

So, having read a lot on this subject and having met the girl which I personally believe to be my soul mate, I made a list of 15 signs which in my opinion are good indicators, that you’re going out with your soul mate.

Not all of them have to apply to your relationship, but if you notice at least 2 or 3, you can be sure he/she is a keeper.

1. You share with them things you don’t share with anyone else. By that I don’t mean you blurted out something after you’ve had too much wine, rather you have the desire to tell them your most intimate secrets. And that means you trust them – a crucial aspect of a successful long-term loving relationship.


2. You let them see you in times of weakness. It’s very easy to be happy with someone when you’re feeling good about everything in your life. But is it easy to be with them in times when you’re not doing well?

Do you want to see them when a relative of yours has died, or when you’ve been fired, or when you just had a bad day? They should be able to ease the pain during dark times, not aggravate it.

3. You respect them, unconditionally. You have no desire to change who they are. There still might be little things about them that you don’t like – i.e. he doesn’t eat as healthy as you want him to, he prefers to watch “Die Hard” instead of “The Notebook”, he insist on wearing his favorite jumper that you hate.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day that’s the person you fell in love with and you respect them the way they are.

couple-hugging blonde

4. You want them to meet your parents. You are proud of having them in your life and you want to show them off to your family- as opposed to feeling embarrassed of them and you find yourself forced to make excuses for having them in your life.

5. When you think about the future, it’s with them. You don’t have to imagine typing your first name with his last name, but often you do let your imagination create a picture of you together in 10 years’ time or even more.

6. You’re not afraid to disagree with them. You know that even if you have arguments, they’ll listen to you and won’t push you back. They take note of your opinion, even if they think you’re wrong.

Couple-Talking yeaaa

7. You want to work on your biggest differences. If you have major differences, it will affect your future together – i.e. different opinions on things like money, gender roles, politics, religion – you want to work on a compromise that satisfies both of you.

8. You laugh together. It’s one of life’s simplest and best pleasures – you should be able to crack each other up all the time.

9. You’re utterly, completely, hopelessly attached to them. Physical chemistry between the two of you is a crucial component in a strong relationship. And even if they aren’t your usual type that’s even a stronger indicator they’re the one.

10. You’re comfortable to be quiet around them. You don’t feel the need to fill the silence between you with constant small talk or other interaction. Instead you feel okay and easy in a quiet situation with them.

11. You feel like you around them. You’re not self-conscious or anxious in their presence and you don’t feel like you have to edit your thoughts.


12. You feel the need to be with them with just the right amount. You long for them – but not too much. A little bit neediness is nice, but if it becomes excessive it pushes them away.

13. You don’t feel much jealousy. You’re comfortable with them going out and meeting people of both sexes. You let each other have your own spare time and hobbies.

14. You feel like they help you become a better person. They make you feel funny, attractive, smart, creative etc. – you are the best version of yourself around them. You feel like they see the best in you and encourage you to improve on that.

15. They just get you. It should be that easy. You feel that they understand the most essential parts of you, parts that you cannot explain or articulate. It’s a nice warm, easy feeling and it’s a feeling you should have with the one who is your soul mate.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You


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10 secrets to having an awesome relationship

Hello ladies, it’s me Nikki again, I’m back with another article. And this article is based on the knowledge I learned from How to Make Him Desire You.


You’ve been in a relationship with someone special for some time now, but things aren’t going as you expected?

If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place.

Below you will find the most helpful tips and techniques for an amazing and healthy relationship.


1. Listen to him – Sometimes, all he wants is for you to lend an ear and sympathetic about his problems. In other times, he wants you to actively give him device. Learn to recognise which one he is looking for and try to give him what he wants.

Listening to your partner will improve your relationship in many ways.

It will help resolve differences without arguing, it will let you explore each other’s personality more and even may help you come up with some great Christmas present ideas.It’s a win win.

2. Show your affection however way you can. There is a big difference between knowing you’re loved and feeling loved. Sometime we rely on the fact that our partners knows that we love them even when we aren’t showing it.

However, the most successful relationships use affection to show love. Do something for you him that you know he will appreciate. Show more physical affection than you did before, like little kisses, hugs, massages.  It’s often it’s the little things that say the most.


3. Be realistic. Every relationship has arguments and disagreements once in a while.

But in a healthy relationship the couple chooses to face these problems head on and push through the hard times together, instead of just letting the issues fester under the surface, explode one day and put an end to everything.

Think about your expectations. Do you see your partner as a man with both winning qualities and flaws, or as somebody you expect to be perfect? If your expectations are too unrealistic, you’re setting up the relationship for failure. Accept that conflicts occur.

If you expect a long term relationship, you are bound to have occasional disagreements. But remember that one argument isn’t the end of everything and there is no person on earth that you’d agree with all the time, not even your soul mate.


4. Admit your mistakes. If you realise you’ve done something that hurt your partner, on purpose or not, step up to it.

Apologize sincerely, without making justifications or excuses like “I am sorry, but I was angry.”

Commit to improving yourself. If you see yourself doing the same mistake over and over, do something about it.

Talk to your man and tell him that you recognise you are doing that same mistake and that you want to stop doing it. Ask for his help in your path for improvement.

5. Be loyal. Make sure he knows that you will always be there for him. Put him first in your life as much as you can. Not in the wrong way though, don’t think that you have to only see him and never talk to anybody else.

He should know the he can always count on you if he needs you. Also, expect the same loyalty from him. You deserve to feel as valuable in the relationship as much is him


6. Give him some space. Everyone needs some privacy and freedom, so don’t watch everything he does all the time. No one likes to be monitored, stifled and controlled. Don’t spy on him like reading his text messages, internet history, or stalking him.

If he is cheating on you, you will find out soon enough. These things cannot be kept secret for long. But if you spy on him and he is innocent, you will lose his trust and respect forever.

7. Encourage him, so that he can be confident and successful at work or study. It will make him realise how much you care about his future and wish he’d become the best.

Also, it will make his feeling towards you grow even stronger, and he will believe that you’re ready to support him on anything he does.


8. Laugh together. Laugh at one another with the surety of love. Laughter helps the world go round easier and it may with your relationship, too.

Laughter increases blood flow, strengthens the immune system, helps the body burn calories and lowers blood sugar. Laughter is comforting, infectious and can be an aphrodisiac. Don’t forget to laugh.

9. Devote time for each other. Make spending time with him is a priority, even if it’s a bit inconvenient at first. All Relationships need shared experiences to grow and you’re showing that nurturing yours is important to you.


Find a hobby. Doing something new together will help you two get closer, as well discovering a leisure activity you two enjoy.

Try sports like basketball or tennis, studying a new language, crafting, cooking, or anything else you’ve always wanted to try.

Find ways to serve each other. Doing small acts of service for him and vice versa shows that you both are aware of each other’s needs and are responding to them.

It doesn’t have to be something big: take care of a small errand, make dinner or offer a foot massage at the end of day. Do it without expecting anything in return and don’t make it a big deal.

10. Improve your communication. Most people aren’t born great at communicating. It’s something nearly everybody has to work at. The way you talk to him might seem insignificant, but you do it several times a day and it does matter.Here are some tips on how to improve the communication between the two of you:


  • Avoid using directive language. Keep phrases like “you can’t” or “you should” out of the relationship. Both of you are equals and neither should have the authority to direct the other.
  • Make your expectations known. If you expect him to do something, say it. Don’t expect that he can read your mind and don’t rely on hints. Be clear about what you want from him.
  • Don’t forget to say magic words – “please” and “thank you”. You should let loose around your partner, so you don’t need to worry about having excellent manners all the time.The exception to this rule is asking nicely and showing gratitude when your partner does something, don’t assume he knows how you meant it.
  • Try to fight fair. During an argument don’t let all these good communication skills go out the window. Get you point across in a loving, respectful way that doesn’t hurt you partner. If he insists on yelling and insulting quietly request a calmer attitude.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You


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Men don’t want a challenge but they do want to be challenged

This is one of the main concepts women don’t get right when it comes to men.

If you try to make yourself a challenge, you will leave the guy interested in chasing you. He will be obsessed with the idea of chasing you, but once he “catches” you, he will lose interest.

So, how do you solve that problem? Alex Carter reveals a very interesting way in How to Make Him Desire You.

If you show him you are a challenging woman overall, his desire toward you will continue even after he’s got you.

What is a challenging woman and how can you become one?

Confident woman

A challenging woman is a woman with her own life and that’s what a man wants the most.

He wants to be a part of your life, he wants to feel your love and attention but also he wants you to have your own life as well. What he doesn’t want is you occupying his whole life.

And this is really important, the last thing a guy wants to see is his new girlfriend giving up the rest of her life (interests, family, friends, hobbies) and replace all that with him.

But don’t think that I am implying you should “play hard to get”.

“Playing hard to get” is an overkill.

It teaches you to fake independence and confidence, while actually you’re not these things.

You should be independent, confident and interesting, instead of pretending you are.

Looks are just one piece of the puzzle.

A very common misconception is that what men look for a woman is looks. While men are more visual creatures than women and looks matter to them more than to women, there are several other significant factors which determine what a man wants in a woman.


A guy may have a one night stand with a woman only because of her looks but most guys won’t start a relationship with a woman based solely on her looks.

Guys have the deepest desire and respect for women who are confident and independent and are happy with their life, with or without a man by their side.

If a guy is attracted to a woman based on her looks only, once her completes the challenge (sleeps with her), he will not be interested in her anyone. The only thing he will be interested by that point is finding a reasonable excuse to dump her.

This is why many men are attracted physically to girls much younger than them, but their deepest desires are reserved for more mature women, closer to their age. With these women they can have more passionate and meaningful relationships because these women are wiser, more confident and independent.

Don’t forget confidence and independence is attractive, while faking it isn’t. If you manage to become truly independent and confident, that will make you sexy for the long-term, but it has to be real.

The power to be the woman that men want in their lives is, and always has been, within your reach.

It’s up to you whether or not you will make that change.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You.


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What female traits men find attractive?

Believe or not but there are several specific universal traits that all guys find attractive in a woman. And these traits are pretty much the same for almost any guy, no matter how old he is, what country he is from or what his social status is.

So, here I present to you these traits revealed in How to Make Him Desire You.



If you ask any guy what kind of woman he finds attractive the first thing he will say is– “A woman who smiles”. If a woman smiles a lot, she will appear happy, friendly and approachable.

No one likes to interact with a miserable person but everybody wants to be with a happy one. So, next time you find a guy you are interested in, smile.

Now I am not saying that he will fall in love with you just because you smiled but your smile will increase the chances of him coming over and starting a conversation.

- High self-esteem.


If you have high self-esteem, it will be much easier for you to attract a guy. A confident woman appears to be in control, she’s not easily bossed around and is content with her life.

So make sure you work on improving your confidence, if it’s not as high as you want it to be, because confidence is one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract a man.

 A woman who is a challenge.

Now, being a challenge is not playing hard to get (turning down a date, not returning phone calls, etc.). Being a challenge is about not pursuing him all the time, is about spending some time outside the relationship.

Men value women who respect their privacy and give them room to breathe.

– Men like funny women.


Most guys like a woman who can make them laugh and also a woman who laughs at their jokes.If you make him laugh, you will look like you are fun to be with and his interest in you will rise.

 - Be a cool girl.

A cool girl is one who is fun to be with, laidback, doesn’t complain all the time and likes hanging out with guys. A cool girl will give a man some space when he needs it and has her own life.

A cool girl also has self-respect and doesn’t tolerate any b.s. from any man.

- Men like a woman who has her life in order.


When guys start dating someone they ask themselves a couple of questions: Can that someone be the one they eventually marry? Is that someone going to be the mother of their children?

And if that someone is drama queen, is always complaining and can’t handle her life than the answer is NO. So make sure you have your life in order before you go after a guy you are serious about.

- Mystery.


A lot of men like some mystery in a relationship with a woman. A mysterious woman is someone who doesn’t share every little problem and every little detail that’s going on in her life.

She keeps more to herself and that is very attractive to most guys, as they know there is something left for them to figure out.

If everything is revealed at the beginning then it becomes boring very quickly and the guys will lose interest. Be more mysterious with him and you will notice how much more appealing you will seem to him.

Okay, so these are some of the most universal traits that make a woman attractive in men’s eyes. Try to apply these characteristics in your life and you will get a lot more attention from men than you did before.

Article inspired by How to Make Him Desire You.


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12 Things Men Really Want in a Woman

After my review of Alex Carter’s How to Make Him Desire You and several other posts on relationship and dating I have written a very interesting article that I think you’re going to love. I present to you 12 things I really want in a woman.

1. A woman that is impressed by me. Secretly, I want a woman who is the complete opposite of my guy friends. For example, I want her not to be that good a cooking, because it will be easier for me to sweep her of her feet with my delicious meals.

2. A woman that stands her ground. I want my woman not to agree with me on everything, just to avoid a confrontation. I want her to defend her views and opinions when they differ from mine. I don’t want her to argue with me all the time, but rather to have sensible debate from time to time.

3. A woman who is not a cry baby. I love women who don’t act childish when things don’t go their way. They keep their cool and handle bad situations with a positive attitude.

4. A woman that motivates me. I want to get serious with a woman who pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me become a better version of myself in every aspect of my life.

5. A woman who is open to new experiences. I want a woman who is adventurous and likes to keep everything interesting. I’ve seen a couple of those kind of people in my life. Even the most boring routine becomes fun when you’re doing it with them. You know what kind of people I’m talking about. Unfortunately these people are a very rare breed.

6. A woman who lets me spend time doing guy things. It’s important for every man to have time for his own hobbies and friends. So, a woman who respects that is definitely a keeper. By the way this topic is covered in a lot of depth in How to Make Him Desire You.

7. A woman who trusts me. I want a woman who doesn’t lose her mind every time I talk to another female. It shows that she has faith in me and that really means a lot to me.

8. A woman who is strong. I’d really fall for someone who had her own shares of success and failure and has built on both the positive and negative experiences to become a better person.

 9. A woman that gets along with my friends. I want a woman that my friends approve. A lot of people underestimate this, but remember that your friends can see through the fog that blinds you when you’re too infatuated with her. If she impresses my buddies, so that later they come up to me and say: “Wow, she’s pretty cool”, I will know being with her is a win.

10. A woman who loves me for what I am. I want a woman who accepts my weaknesses just as my strengths and love me for me, even in my darkest hours.

11. A smart woman. Smart is always sexy, if my woman is bright it would be awesome. I want her to communicate with me in a way that makes me appreciate her intelligence and awesomeness.

12. A woman who supports me. Above all, I want support. And by support I mean that she backs me up unconditionally in the things I’m passionate about. She doesn’t need to be involved in everything I do, but I want her to support me, because she respects me and respects what I love.

How to Make Him Desire You Review


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